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EVC Throttle Controller - EVC152

EVC Throttle Controller - EVC152

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EVC Throttle Controller - For Ultimate Throttle Response

Looking for improved throttle response? Tired of putting your foot down, only to feel a large hesitation before the surge of unpredictable power hits? Well, EVC has a solution for you. The EVC Throttle Controller reduces throttle lag to improve throttle response, which is often lacking in modern fly-by-wire vehicles, allowing you to have precise input into how your vehicle drives both on and off-road.

The EVC does this by providing new points of reference for the vehicles throttle mapping. By introducing a sharper throttle curve, EVC offers better throttle response, reduced lag, and improved overall control. It actuates the throttle quicker, bringing the power in earlier in the pedal stroke, in turn opening your throttle butterfly quicker. It does this by modifying the torque request sent through to the vehicles ECU, similar to the way professional tuners manually adjust throttle tables when ECU tuning.

The EVC is easy to install. It simply plugs in-between your factory pedal assembly and pedal plug, the wiring is then simply run through the dash and mounted in a suitible loction. Every EVC comes with a full set of installation / operation instructions.

The unit is equipped with a clear display and settings menu for easy operation. The 4 driving modes (Ultimate, Economy, Automatic Control and Normal) offer different settings for different driving styles and conditions. Ultimate mode and Economy mode also feature 10 adjustable settings in each mode, offering you 20 total throttle sensitivity settings, so your EVC is sure to have the perfect throttle response for any driving style or situation.

  • Ultimate mode - The EVC's performance mode. The higher you go the sharper your throttle response becomes. Featuring 10 different adjustability levels, you can make the sharpness of your throttle as mild or as wild as you like. This mode is perfect for everyday driving, towing or off road driving through sand or bog holes where you need to stay on the throttle and keep up momentum.
  • Economy mode - Essentially the opposite of Ultimate mode. The higher you go the more dampened your throttle response becomes. This mode also features 10 adjustability levels so you can soften your throttle as much as you need. Economy mode is great for any low speed towing situations or technical off-roading such as rock crawling or steep decents where you need a more controlled application of power to the wheels without jerking on the throttle every time you hit the pedal.
  • Automatic control - This mode is what makes the EVC one of the most intelligent throttle controllers on the market. Automatic Control mode is a set-and-forget mode where the EVC adapts to how you're currently driving and delivers the best throttle response to match. This mode is especially handy in towing situations or long drives on varying terrain as it will compensate for the extra added weight or varying conditions.
  • Normal mode - This is simply a replication of the factory settings, essentially the EVC is switched off and you're using the car's factory throttle mapping parameters. This is great if someone is driving your car and isn't familiar with the EVC.
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