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HARDKORR Super Bright 3 Colour LED Light Bar Kit

HARDKORR Super Bright 3 Colour LED Light Bar Kit

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Since we invented the LED camp light bar back in 2008, Hardkorr camp light bars have been the only choice for campers who want quality built products that will last for many years. The design has changed and new features introduced over the years, but it’s still made with the same meticulous attention to detail that made us a household name.

More recently, many 4×4 enthusiasts have also discovered how useful these lights can be in canopies, tailgates and toolboxes. Hardkorr now supplies these lights to some of the biggest names in 4×4 customisation as well as thousands of DIYers every year.

Our 100cm tri-colour LED camping light bar kit provides extra bright illumination for open areas such as under awnings or gazebos. It is also handy for illuminating tailgates, larger canopies and even garden sheds or home workshops.

This kit also includes accessories for pole mounting, powering, dimming and changing the colour of the light.

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