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PERCEPTION LIGHTING Apex Quad 5x7" Square LED Driving Lights

PERCEPTION LIGHTING Apex Quad 5x7" Square LED Driving Lights

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The 5X7" Platinum Series reflector was designed and tested to deliver the ultimate driving beam pattern. This resulted in an astonishing 977M @ 1 Lux without compromising flood performance. We achieved this by precisely focusing light where it's required


Most people use Daytime Running Lights (DRL's), which are bright, forward-facing lights, often fitted below the headlights, and designed to make vehicles more visible in the day.

It's a practice that can save many lives, even on sunny days, unlit vehicles can be difficult to spot. Research by the NRMA has found four out of five daytime intersection collisions are caused, in part, by one road user failing to see another road user in time.

Overseas studies show that DRL's could help prevent anywhere between 7 to 25% of all fatal daytime crashes. The greatest benefits are seen with more severe accidents, including head-on and intersection crashes, but they also make approaching vehicles far more visible for pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists. Other reported benefits include improved driver reaction times and better estimation of speed and distance. DRLs also make vehicles appear closer, which means drivers are less likely to make risky maneuvers at intersections.



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